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Marian with her Mother and Brother

As a growing number of Americans are being placed in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and long-term care facilities, it is becoming increasingly important that we take the steps necessary to guard against nursing home abuse. Sadly, statistics show cases of abuse and neglect are becoming more prevalent.

At Rosen & Spears, our firm serves to protect and advocate the rights of one of your most treasured resources: your loved ones. Our nursing home abuse attorneys provide legal representation for clients in Houston and communities throughout all fifty states. Combining a thorough knowledge of the complex area of litigation known as elder law with the care that comes from operating as a small firm, our unique approach has allowed us to successfully handle over 750 cases. Contact our firm today to schedule a consultation or learn more about our available services.

RosenSpearsCombining Experience with Compassion

Our firm’s ability to marry knowledge – our firm boasts over 70 years of combined legal experience – with compassion comes from firsthand experience. After Marian Rosen fought to protect her own mother’s rights in a nursing home abuse case, she became dedicated to fighting for others in similar situations. We understand what our clients and their families have endured, and will act as aggressive advocates for you and your loved one.

Driven by a deep-seated, personal connection to this important cause, we work in a highly professional manner to help you obtain the full measure of compensation to which you and your loved one are entitled. We also believe each of our clients should be able to seek our help regardless of financial constraints, which is why we work primarily on a contingency fee basis, meaning that if we are not able to win your case, you pay nothing.

Comprehensive Services

Elderly woman with younger daughter hugging her from behind.At Rosen & Spears, we represent clients in a wide range of elder abuse and nursing home abuse cases, including those that arise from:

Injury: Examples of common nursing home injuries include bedsores or pressure ulcers, fractures, overmedication, strangulation and suffocation involving hospital beds, malnutrition, and dehydration.

Financial Abuse: Theft, exploitation, and other forms of financial abuse may occur at the hand of scammers, caregivers, or other family members.

Neglect: Examples of neglect include the failure to provide personal care, medication, elopement or wandering, and inadequate supervision.

Emotional/Mental Abuse: Examples include abusive forms of emotional punishment, isolation or ignoring residents, chemical restraints, and overmedication.

Sexual Abuse: Forced and non-consensual sexual contact may occur at the hand of caregivers, fellow residents, or visitors to the facility.

Physical Abuse: Examples include hitting, slapping, shaking, and using inappropriate restraints.

Wrongful Death: Wrongful death can result from preventable accidents, failure of caretakers to follow doctors’ orders, or the failure to treat symptoms of illness.

We understand that the fragility of victims’ health may make potential clients hesitant to seek representation, or cause them to believe that they do not have grounds for a lawsuit. During a consultation at Rosen & Spears, we will use our experience and training to determine whether you and your family are victims of any type of elder abuse.

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At Rosen & Spears, we will work tirelessly to honor your pursuit of justice. Today, our elderly loved ones need our help and protection more than ever. Reach out to our firm today to learn more about how we can help you begin the healing process, and to learn more about our available services.