Money_settlementAs family members age and lose independence, many must rely on the help and care provided by nursing homes. Unfortunately, as the need for nursing home facilities has been on the rise, reports of nursing home abuse have also increased. People suspecting that a loved one has suffered damages at a nursing home facility should take action immediately. The Houston nursing home abuse attorneys of Rosen & Spears have an advanced knowledge of elder law in the state of Texas and beyond and offer legal representation when those laws have been abused.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse cases can occur in many different forms. The signs of nursing home abuse may not always be immediately noticeable because there are not always physical signs. Nursing home abuse may occur as physical abuse, emotional abuse, or neglect. Below are examples of each of these types of nursing home abuse.

Physical abuse: Physical abuse is often the most recognizable sign of nursing home abuse because it can leave visible marks. Physical abuse in a nursing home may include hitting, kicking, shaking, physical restraint, sexual abuse, or any other type of physical violence. Signs of physical abuse can include bruises, fractures, or other injuries.

Emotional abuse: Emotional abuse can be just as damaging as physical abuse. Forms of emotional abuse include yelling, berating, humiliating, and name calling. Patients subjected to emotional abuse will often show signs of fear, depression, or withdrawn behavior.

Neglect: Neglect is a form of abuse that can often occur in understaffed nursing homes. Neglect can include emotional neglect (the lack of emotional support and signs of caring), physical neglect (a failure to meet basic physical needs, such as hygiene and nutrition), and medical neglect (a failure to provide proper medication or medical care). Patients who are neglected may lose weight, suffer from bed sores, and show signs of deterioration not explained by their medical condition.

Damages in Nursing Home Abuse

If you suspect that a loved one is experiencing nursing home abuse, it is important to take action immediately. A nursing home client and/or his or her representative (often a family member) have the right to recover damages in nursing home abuse cases. Through legal action with the attorneys of Rosen & Spears, damages can be sought for physical and emotional abuse that occurred at the nursing home. In many cases of nursing home abuse, punitive damages are also rewarded. Punitive damages are rewarded in cases where it is shown that the nursing home and/or its staff showed malicious or reckless conduct. In the unfortunate case that nursing home abuse has lead to death, the family members have the right to file suit to recover damages. A Houston wrongful death attorney at Rosen & Spears can take legal action in this unfortunate event.

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