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Involuntary Discharge from a Nursing Home

Houston Nursing Home Involuntary DischargeNursing home residents have many rights and protections afforded to them by law. However, some nursing home residents, or in certain cases their families, unknowingly forfeit some of their rights and freedoms when they sign contracts with nursing homes. This is why it is extremely important to read these contracts thoroughly […]

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Using Nursing Home Compare Service

Houston Nursing Homes and Medicare Among the most valuable resources available to those vetting nursing homes on behalf of their loved ones is Nursing Home Compare, a service provided by the United States Government via their official Medicare website. Nursing Home Compare is a searchable database of more than 15,000 Medicare- and Medicaid-certified nursing homes […]

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Assisted Living Facilities

Houston Assisted Living Facilities. Many people think that “assisted living facility” and “nursing home” are synonymous, but in truth, they are two considerably different types of facilities. Residents of nursing homes generally require a high level of supervision and 24-hour access to nursing care. Residents of assisted living facilities usually are in better health for […]

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