Alternative Options for Those Considering Nursing Home Care

35641969-xsAt some point in life, everyone will have to face the decision of where to turn for assistance with elderly care. Whether making that decision for one’s self or a loved one, determining the best care option can be difficult, and is a decision that deserves serious contemplation. A nursing home may seem like the obvious (and only) choice, but today, people are fortunate to have a variety of alternative options to consider. As the public becomes increasingly aware of elder neglect, which can lead to injury, illness, or a generally poor quality of life, more of our clients are looking into nursing home care alternatives. Below are some of the options available to those who wish to avoid the use of a nursing home setting for themselves or a loved one.

Home Care

One option that is considered by many of those in need of assisted care is at-home care. Home care allows the patient to stay within their own home, or the home of a loved one, where they are cared for with the help of a permanent in-home healthcare professional who comes on a part-time basis to offer medical and professional assistance. The benefit of home care is that it allows for care to take place in a familiar and comfortable setting. While this setting is preferred by most, the costs of home care can be difficult to manage and the financial and emotional strain can be tough on family members. Additionally, some people require a degree of care that cannot be adequately provided for at home.

Personal Care Homes

Personal care homes offer a more intimate and personal setting than a nursing home, while providing more round-the-clock care than at-home care. This is also a more affordable option than home care and may be a good option for those who are concerned about the hospital-like setting of many nursing homes. One drawback to personal care homes is that they are not regulated in the way that other care options are and they may not have the means to handle more serious medical needs should a complication arise. For this reason, it is important to do ample research when considering personal care homes.

Assisted Living

Assisted living refers to a group home that offers assistance for daily tasks, which may include monitoring medication, offering transportation to doctors’ appointments, and helping with meals and other daily responsibilities. The benefit of assisted living facilities is that they offer people some degree of independence, while providing the support they may need. Assisted living facilities also create a sociable setting for the residents. As with nursing homes, there have been reports of elder neglect and abuse in some of these assisted living facilities, so it is always important to carefully research a prospective residence.

Retirement Communities

Retirement communities offer the elderly a chance to live independently while being surrounded by a community of people who are in the same stage of life. While this is a great option for those who are in good health and maintain high mental capacity, it may not be the ideal option for someone who requires a great deal of medical assistance.

Home Share Programs

Home share is a concept that is on the rise among the elderly. In a home share program, one person opens their home up to be shared with another senior “roommate.” This allows the expenses and daily upkeep of a house or apartment to be shared, making it a more manageable living arrangement for those who are single or widowed. For those considering a home share set up, it is very important to set boundaries before going into the arrangement and to also have an exit strategy should the arrangement fail to be beneficial.

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