Domestic Violence Among the Elderly

Senior woman - D.V.October is Domestic Violence Awareness month, a public health issue that is often not associated with seniors even though it is a significant problem.

As Psych Central points out, “Abuse can happen to anyone! It can be directed at women, men, children, the elderly”.  However, we know that these abuses are under reported in the general population, and even more so among seniors, who may experience social isolation or decreased cognitive capacities.

Domestic violence is defined as “an escalating pattern of violence or intimidation”, and  “In almost 90% of elder abuse and neglect incidents, the perpetrator is a family member.”

Signs of domestic violence among seniors may be similar as with other vulnerable populations, such as bruising, unexplained depletion of finances, and increased isolation from usual places of support.  Reporting domestic violence for seniors is often grouped with other elder abuses by contacting Adult Protective Services in the senior’s community.

Rosen & Spears encourage seniors and their loved ones to become more familiar with issues of domestic violence and elder abuse by accessing information at:

National Council Against Domestic Violence: Abuse in Later Life

National Council on Aging

Administration on Aging



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