Wrongful Death


flowers -burning-candlesCauses of Wrongful Death

The very fact that we feel compelled to place our loved ones under the protection of outside caregivers is an acknowledgement of their fragile health. Oftentimes, their mental condition means they are unable to perform daily activities safely or they have a serious medical condition that requires constant monitoring. These circumstances often result in our clients being hesitant to pursue legal action and trying to convince themselves that nature simply took its course, but wrongful death is a very shocking reality in a number of nursing home deaths. 

The following situations and acts may result in wrongful death:

• Bedsores – In advanced stages, bedsores or pressure ulcers may cause significant portions of flesh to erode and become infected.

• Elopement – Residents who are not monitored properly may leave the grounds without assistance and become lost or injured

• Medication errors – The health of most elders depends upon the correct administration of medication; death may result from missed doses, incorrect medication being administered, drug complications, and overmedication.

• Falls – Unsafe living conditions or leaving residents unattended for a lengthy period of time can result in falls.

• Dehydration or malnutrition – Nursing home neglect may result in your loved one not getting enough food or water, compounding existing medical conditions.

• Infections – Poor sanitary conditions may cause infections, and advanced bedsores may become infected if they are not properly cared for.

• Strangulation – Death by strangulation can occur when residents become tangled in their bedsheets or stuck between a bed’s mattress and the rail.

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The experience of losing a loved one is one of the most challenging hardships we are faced with in our lifetime. If the death was a result of negligence or abuse, that pain is greatly magnified. No one should be left wondering whether their loved one was taken from them in an untimely manner. At Rosen & Spears, we help can help you navigate the process of determining whether wrongful death has occurred. Once this has been established, we will work closely with you to obtain the successful resolution of your claim and help you begin the healing process.

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